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branches of the left Sylvian artery were blockaded. I antici-

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Archives of Medicine, October, 1880. Robertson and others after

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left containing much muco-pus. Brain : a considerable excess of serous fluid

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First, Second, and Third Examinations of the Examining Board itt England are

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below costal margin, discharging bile, with definite hard nodule to be felt below

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of the body. The rupture of vessels in the brain is a mere acci-

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genei-al cedema (no albuminuria), fatty degeneration of liver.

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characterized by loss of consciousness, universal spasm, frothing at the mouth.

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tion of local arrangements, always a weighty one, comes ready

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c. Broca's hypothesis of localization in the posterior part of

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below, a patch about 2 mm. exists in the very centre of the

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be resorted to, in mild cases of insanity. In addition, Mrs. Lev. was to be

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have given rise to definite symptoms, in close or even almost

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part of it. Her general condition was good, excepting that

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popliteal space 12 months before admission ; it was then the size of an orano-e,

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inches lower upon the inner and posterior aspect of the arm. Above this

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bility it was found that she had completely lost speech, and was paralyzed in

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ing point, a wound, and secondarily anthrax fever (butchers,

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gyri ; She depressions, fissures or sulci. Some of the sulci are

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The patient made an uninterrupted recovery, and was discharged 30 days

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failed. Severe headache has existed from the first ; frontal, bilateral pain,

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those wlio practise that art. When I enter a house I will go for the good of

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Pupils, wider. From this time on, the administration of .0015 morning and

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ways be relied upon ?" A dozen or more members related their

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ately on every trifling occasion. He scarcely smiles, but is seized with con-

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companied in many cases by pains in the limbs, and sometimes

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The attack occurred in a gentleman aged . . . The treatment was initiated

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on the loth day it rose to lOl'S'', and on tlie 16th to 104"4°, and

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generations as well, while the development was merely a gradual

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cy of the farming community and the lovers of all classes of

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chorea, refer to Dr. J. Harley's doses of succus conii with appar-

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cold. In the course of two months the arms recovered, and the legs improved

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