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ture to a brief summary of the methods of diagnosis, more par-*

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icine was the scene of an almost violent discussion on the sub-

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of a foetid character ; pulse very weak and intermittent, 102,

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He died about five days later, and a post-mortem examina-

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develope into genuine epilepsy. I have in my private case-books

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of this large expanse of cerebral substance, either in its external

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The discussion on the bill was lively and interesting ; but

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can, for a few moments, show great strength of resistance to

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best administered hypodermically, in the form of strong solu-

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half hours afterwards and -remained up all afternoon, doing

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astonished his friends, and gave him delusive hopes of ultimate

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in the case of patients at an earlier period of life.

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vants and fastened down. Then jEsculapius opened his stomach, excised

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or, if you prefer it, a specialist nolens volens. This highly respect-

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Fatty food and cod-liver oil are indicated in the conditions

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art is increased possibility in this direction. We can recognize

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I think it will be seen from the above that it is im-

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movements appear in superficial facial muscles, a few chewing movements are

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word which combined these qualities into a single concrete ex-

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associated with some destruction of the cervix, and forms a

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distance and does not taper off like the other processes. (Fig. 16.)

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currente " by Jobert and Nota, and adopted by Brown-Sequard,

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Operation (December 9th). — On opening the abdomen a small quantity

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400 cases of diphtheria have been under treatment, serum being injected in 36-i

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scure points in pathology ; at other times meat inspection offers

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who had been working in a log wagon, and it was the habit of

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involved are the lateral fibro-cartilage and sub-coronary cellular

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Assistants to the Lecturer on Materia Medica are appointed

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trace of an attempt at repair. The nerves are in nowise involved in the

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verse section of the spinal cord the following parts, proceeding

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