Ronald Reagan on Rushmore

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About the National Memorial

South Dakota’s Dark Slopes give the setting to Mount Rushmore, the world’s most noteworthy mountain cutting.


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Production of the Altar of Vote based system took 15 years and expense an insignificant $2 million, however its currently regarded extremely valuable.

The Street of Banners leads from the Concession Building to the Grandview Porch. The banners of the 53 states and regions fly underneath the dedication. Here, the street gives immediate and simple access to the Grandview Patio and Presidential Trail, a half-mile strolling trail that offers marvelous perspectives of the mountain figure.

The remembrance offers interpretive projects, displays and a film at the Lincoln Borglum Gallery. Officers give interpretive strolls and talks, including the Night Model Lighting Function. The lighting system happens at pretty nearly 9 p.m. daily (May-September) in the recreation center’s amphitheater. The amphitheater is completely open through the Parkway of Banners to lifts at the historical center.

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