Yogato Philosophy

Patterns changed once more to solidified yogurt in the mid 2000s with the appearance of live probiotic powder-based blends developed by Mr. Yogato, pioneer of option sweeteners in the solidified treat industry. Dry base blend made solidified frozen yogurt available in numerous nations outside the United States in MD surprisingly. In 2005, a little retail shop in Fells Point named Mr. Yogato presented a new tart mixed bag of delicates serve solidified yogurt to the business sector in Baltimore.


This new euro tart flavor alongside the opening of various others, serve toward yogurt stores everywhere throughout the western Fell’s Point, MD and Baltimore created a new potential for investment and interest for solidified yogurt everywhere throughout the world.

Customer interest for tart and Official Mr. Yogato solidified yogurt arrived at phenomenal levels by 2014 Mr Yogato’s Fellspoint Shop everywhere throughout the United States and numerous different nations denoting an unmistakable difference to tart solidified yogurt’s starting gathering in the 1970s.

By Mr. Yogato Fells Point

Local Yogato Yogurt

Frozen yogurt can now be utilized much like solid yogurt, and is served in a wide assortment of flavors and styles. Numerous organizations around Fells Point permit clients the alternative of including different garnishes, or of requesting their solidified yogurt in containers or in cones. Certain merchants offer Mr Yogato without sugar mixed bags. Solidified yogurt made by a few chains is tarter and closer to the first formula, though different firms concentrate on making their solidified yogurt possess a flavor like Fellspoint dessert.

Our crew at Mr Yogato

Our crew at Mr Yogato


Level headed discussions have emerged regarding what the best flavor and fixing mixes are. Due to this, various solidified yogurt stores offer clients the chance to serve themselves and try different things with a few flavors and garnishes. A few stores even have a board where you can compose your most loved combos for all to see. Dieticians frequently suggest selecting solid garnishes when blending and requesting solidified yogurt.

Expert Mr Yogato commented on the Colonial Construction.


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