Ronald Reagan on Rushmore

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the physiological symptom numbness was produced. As my

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the fosssE extending into cribriform plate and across the right tympanum. Occi-

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Second, negatively; because, in spite of the destruction of gray

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by some to be diagnostic of malignant disease. The results

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pollicis 1 ; flexor sublimis 1 ; extensor communis digitorum 2 ; extensor primi

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I S93-4 further extensive alterations were made. Two new wings were

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turns wholly upon the exaggerated notion which practitioners

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straight rods in the living organism. Their dimensions vary

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a) William Bentinck b) Lord Hastings c) Lord Curzon

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present at the time of operation slowly extended, and the

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querait parfaitement les symptomes. Mais, en outre, il faut faire

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suffering from a remedial disability he would not care to be

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sidered, with a view to adapting the home production of grain

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Compound fracture of femoral shaft. — Females 2. D. 2.

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sultalion with himself and Dr. J. R. Learning. The patient was a young

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for affecting the nervous centres. It is seldom applicable where

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sequently, more analgesia than anaesthesia. At times the legs tremble ; no

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* Case in service of Dr. A. Clark ; mentioned by permission.

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and he was unable to lift his head from the floor. Would still

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from -frequent attacks of headache, lasting several hours. The

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\ C. Spamer. Archiv fur Psychiatric, band vi., p. 526.

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pathological or pre-tabetic, but had been marked in one shape

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diarrhoea continued, and on two occasions the stools were blood-tinged. There was

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clothing and neglect, the surface of the tumour showed no

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sider himself the servant of the Association. The President is

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protrude tongue when asked; left side of body is completely paralyzed, right

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over right middle meningeal artery. Fissured fracture ci-ossed the groove for

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cervical enlargement. From this focus a myelitis has extended

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On August 9, was seized with severe diffused headache, which lasted day

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fined. The vascular injection and the exudation of plasma were

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a degree of asphyxia (want of oxygen or excess of carbonic acid)

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