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The Home of Rest for Horses maintained at Friar's Place

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A little more extended research in older books, and in period-

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of the knee were observed in the much larger number of

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by pain in the back and right side ; a day or two later

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tensive inflammation is reduced. Whenever it is practicable,

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hyperalgesia ; but a later examination showed that there was no

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cases, one, in which an iutra-peritoneal abscess existed, was treated by vaginal incision,

afbouwen van valium

he has taken a position with the Department of Agriculture of

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believe, yet one physiological property, viz., that of retaining

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after enema. Abdomen became slightly more distended and rigid. Abdominal

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History of the Case. E. Me A., an American, aged 18 years, was wounded

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July 29th on Medical side. For a month after leaving the hospital patient

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sinus. Liver not enlarged. Attacks of pain and sickness. Urine pigmented.

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from staggering; pricking with a needle was felt a little less

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It was decided to hold the clinic at the Veterinary Depart-

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In order to facilitate the safe tra/ismission of the ' St. Thomas's

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Illustrating Dr. Culling worth's paper on the Operation for

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January 5, 1881. No attack. Through erroneous weighing of bromide,

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