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male, SEt. 37. Compositor. Fourteen days before admission sore throat and

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For a fortnight after operation temperature never rose above 99°;

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None of my patients has as yet shown discoloration (argyria),

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7th. A generalized lesion of the convolutions of the brain

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time of this military tribunal, but that it will be officially con-

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REMARKS. I consider this case as doubly instructive.

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any cry of her infant child, and this was prevented by having a woman

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The abdomen was rigid and slightly distended ; the liver

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fear of falling down stairs, seeing animals, weeping, calling out to motl icr,

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compatible with presence of peculiar exalted delusions, which are still well

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come from prize winning herds. This stock will arrive in Cuba

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providing special instruction for students about to apply for Out-patient

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inner surface of the hemisphere. The paracentral lobule is

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and maintained at a pressure between twelve and fifteen

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swelling surrounding upper end of right humerus, being most marked on anterior

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shows that, besides the cerebral lesions proper to the disease,

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2. Diseases of the kinesodic system, including the anterior

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There are, as indicated in tho table, several very definite and

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ear with cerebral abscess by contiguity. The genesis of the

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take place in one spot, or it may be the seat of pain for twelve

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sickness (colds and the like, entailing affection of the throat),

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an attack of influenza and had never been well since, feeling

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Treatment of Fistulous Withers and Poll-Evil. — A.

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cocci in the pharynx wall of the horses also suggests how the

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injections are made and are followed by a lasting improve-

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and dislocations have been recorded in greater detail than the

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