Ronald Reagan on Rushmore

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March 26th. — The swellings seem to be a trifle less to-day.

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way and the tumour brought out of the wound. It was found to be hard and

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the healthy skin ; its edges were abrupt, almost vertical, and showed no signs

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.consideration, but also for the cure of convulsive cough and

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Deposits draw interest from first Saturday of February, May, August and November; dividends

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months ; 2 months later he was struck on the head, and discharge increased.

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Cautery irons made of steel, with variously shaped tips, are

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R. Mitchell, of Evansville, and the meeting was held at his new-

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of potassium has been administered. At first he had 2.75

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fibrous thickening consequent on the old pericarditis. The mitral valve measured

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centimetres, and its greatest apparent depth about eight milli-

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adding to any infection which may have, already taken place.

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tient is conscious; has partial paralysis of right leg, in right arm it is com-

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dairy industry is practicable. In connection with other investi-

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drawn to the right; eyes closed; at same time jaws are motionless, some-

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showing a dentition of six years, although but five, and meas-

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pons and crura, give rise to the following symptoms : paralysis

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there was nothing unusual in his mental condition. He

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creased reflex. This mild tetanoid state gradually wore away,

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diagrams and fresh specimens. (Fee, see p. 2>7-)

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a few days and then the surface partially or Avholly covered

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three days. Between the exacerbations the dose of iodide was from ten to

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cold weather, the horses, the treacle and enough data to go on

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I believe that upon the adequate recognition of this the suc-

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54 transfers, amounting to $28,567.53, not included in above table.

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tact," as their manner of handling together healthy and diseased

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Classification of Deposits received during the Year.

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